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    NTLM Company Disclaimer


      We are using NTLM authenication for all of our users and would like to know if it's possible to create an HR company internet policy disclaimer after or before a user logs onto the internet.   Has anyone been able to do this or has any ideas.

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          A welcome page that displays once a day per user?

          There should be a canned rule set in the built-in rule library to get you started.

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            We were actuallyasked by our HR if we can modify the default logon that's displayed when their machine is idle and they are reconnecting to the internet.   The one that asks them for their username\ password to reauthenicate.   Would you happen to have some sample XML's I can import and tweak and test?

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              Hmm, well I'm totally confused.

              It sounds like you are using some sort of forms authentication page.


              Does it look anything like this? or something similar?



              This is the Login forms page that you can edit.



              And in the template editor...




              is that what you are looking for?