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    Windows Server 2012 running McAfee Agent 4.6 not running any tasks??


      I have an issue with a few pre-production servers running Windows 2012 Standard edition (first ones we are testing ), where the deployment of McAfee agent 4.6 is successful to these servers, however the agent doesn't run any of the pre-defined client tasks declared in ePO. None of the defined client tasks are showing within the status monitor. Previous deployments to client XP machines, Windows Server 2003 & 2008 R2 are working fine. One of the tasks is to run the installation of VirusScan 8.8i, which doesn’t run nor is listed, therefore as a workaround, I run a local install of VirusScan 8.8i and apply the security updates via the updater is successful. The agent seems to be communicating with our ePO server OK, checking for policy updates and enforcing them, but client tasks are not showing.


      One deviation to this, our ePO 4.5 installation is supporting McAfee agent 4.5 to most of our XP machines, and therefore haven't imported the McAfee agent 4.6 extension. Does this affect the functionality of McAfee agent 4.6 which is why it’s not picking up any tasks?, as its policy is being enforced by what has been defined for the 4.5 agent settings?? Will by importing the mcafee agent 4.6 extension affect the 4.5 agents??


      Any help or pointers would be great.




      Microsoft Windows XPSP3, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008R2 Server & Windows 2012 Server Standard

      ePO Server 4.5.0 (build1188)

      ePO McAfee Agent 4.5.0 (1852 Patch 3)

      ePO McAfee Agent 4.6.0 (3122 Patch 3)

      McAfee VirusScan8.7i (patch 4)

      McAfee VirusScan8.8i (1128 Patch 3)


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