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    Remote Admin: no way to set usage reporting via email

      Please note: I have been using SafeEyes -- the original program that McAfee Family Protection is based upon, right? -- for 4 or 5 years. 

      The MFP remote admin console does not provide a way to set up where usage reports are emailed to. Why not?  The safe eyes version does.

      To do this, it looks like I need to run it from the installed MFP admin console.  However, that is a problem.  I do not have MFP on my machine nor do I want it on my machine.

      But since the remote admin tool is limited, I will have to log onto my child's computer and run the admin tool there. 

      That is a very unfortunate limitation.


      Why is the remote admin tool so limited?  Isn't it based upon the same code that the safe eyes version is based upon?

      It is very unfortunate that MFP isn't up to the same level as Safe Eyes.