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    EPO with Extra.dat

      Hi Guys,


      First post here, as need some information..


      We have 100's of customers that use EPO, we ourselfs host email systems and lots more. We find new strains of virus and malware everyday which we submit to Mcafee for the antidote, which as you all know comes as a EXTRA.Dat. They have provided the ability to combine extra.dats which is really usefull.


      What I want to do is create an FTP site (Easy)  that we can tell all the customers EPO systems to check for updates every hour or so, and effectivly pull down the extra.dat  and register it in their local epo etc and then force a client update.


      Most of this is easy except the part for pulling down the extra.dat in EPO.


      We dont want to have to log on to all the sites to download and install the extra.dat, as that would be very time consuming (Example I did it yesterday and it took most of the day !)


      I have emailed a ticket, and It apears I have to pay for this ??? WTF ? That does not make sence, not only do we resell the software, we provide zero day viruses for Mcafee and they want to charge us ? Thats so wrong !!!


      Anyway If someone could help that would be great !



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          In Epo you can add additional source sites for the ePO server to look at when updating master repository.


          In configuration> server settings> source sites. You can "edit" and add a new FTP site.


          I havent actually tried this myself but beleive it should do the trick.


          Note, You will also need to create an additional server task for a "repository pull" and point it to look at your own ftp source site. As the default task will only look elsewhere on failure.


          Hope this makes sense, Please let me know if it works.