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    User Account Creation via Batch - limitations?


      Can the batch user account creation option be used to add users white list / block list when creating the user account?

      I have exported the settings from our current spam filter provider and was wanting to import this into the McAfee SaaS before migration of services.


      Also can McAfee batch be used to create DL for user account creation?

      Wes in our training demo said it could but we didn't delve into how to setup the .cvs file to designate the user to be a DL.

      The reason is we have 2 generic catch all emails for spam, one for the IT group, one for the business group, with multiple aliases tied to these two email accounts, I understand

      that McAfee has a limitation on aliases set to 5? or 10 if the user adds 5 also. So I will need to create multiple DL's for these aliased email accounts.

      Would I just need to import them in via batch then change each one "user" to be a DL instead?




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          Brad McGarr

          Hi Chkidd,


          The Batch User Creation option is just limited to creating the user account, all options will have to be configured once the account is created, however you can upload the user's white lists and block lists once the user is created. It will just be a separate step.


          The Bach Creation can be used to 'create' the Distribution list, but yes it will innitially show up as a User, and it can then be switch to Distribution List.


          If you have any further questions, please reply or contact your support organization.

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            Hi Brad,


            I am confused then on a point of the DL, is the DL used as the front end of the alias or the back end of the alias?


            in my case... we have spam-it@blah.com and aliased to that is client1@blah.com, client2@blah.com up to client30@blah.com so if someone sends to

            client 20@blah.com it routes through spam-it@blah.com it's not a real email address to a user but it's a way for us to allow our clients to send an email

            to a DL on the exchange server w/o opening up our DL's on exchange to the outside

            So in Control Console, I would create the DL client20@blah.com then alias it to spam-it@blah.com?

            or am i backwards?


            I assume the alias limitation cannot be changed? that it's limited to 5 per user account correct?

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              Brad McGarr



              The alias limit can be increased up to 10 through the organization that supports your product. A phone call or service request to that team should take care of it for you.


              On the SaaS Control Console, the Distribution List under Account Management>Users is just a special user type to identify distribution lists in the control console as valid, without having the same type of login abilities as a user. No management of the direction of the messages are handled on the SaaS Control Console, all of that is handled by the SMTP Server once we hand the message off.


              Hope that clarifies.