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    database update in Vulnerability Manager

    Volodymyr Kudelia

      has recently, I received an order MVM3000 vs7.
      long look interface but until the end and did not find where you can see the configuration and date of the last database update.
      as far as I understand it, it's this button "version 7.0" - "

      McAfee Vulnerability Manager Version InformationClose
      ModuleVersionLast Update
      Database Version7.0.1592011-04-11 16:51:33
      FASL version in Vulns table7.0.2572012-02-14 13:16:25
      Custom FASL Version in Vulns table7.0.02011-04-11 16:50:50
      VulnCategories table version7.0.2572012-02-14 13:15:40
      Services table version7.0.02011-04-11 16:50:50
      Foundstone Standard Templates version7.0.2572012-02-14 13:16:37
      SmartAttackMaster table version7.0.2572012-02-14 13:15:38
      SqlAttackMaster table version7.0.2572012-02-14 13:15:39
      SCodeVulnMaster table version7.0.2572012-02-14 13:17:56
      Foundstone database hot fix version7.0.5 2012-02-14 14:17:36
      Custom OsPrints version7.0.02011-04-11 16:50:50
      FSUpdate table version6.7.02012-02-14 14:17:32
      Threats table version7.0.02012-02-14 14:01:11
      Compliance version7.0.1222011-04-30 13:21:43

      I would like to understand if this is true?

      and the second question, how to upgrade the old base.