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    Excessive number of scanner child processes being created




      We are running VSEL1.7 on a large number of servers, and very rarely do I see the IDs assigned to scanner child processes go above 5 (maybe 6 or 7 sometimes, but this is rare).  On one of the systems I am carrying out an audit on, the number of scanner child processes being created seems a tad high.  I am awaiting on ps output (I dont have direct access to the server in question at present) and will update this discussion when received.  Question is, has anybody else seen this, and is there any idea of the root cause?





      snippet from VSEL system log:


      79927|system|||1360830734|Nailsd|5059|info|Created Scanner child id=172 pid=21,646 engine=5400.1158, dats=6985.0000

      79928|system|||1360830773|Nailsd|5059|info|Created Scanner child id=173 pid=21,687 engine=5400.1158, dats=6985.0000

      79929|system|||1360830773|Nailsd|5059|info|Created Scanner child id=174 pid=21,688 engine=5400.1158, dats=6985.0000

      79930|system|||1360830901|Nailsd|5059|info|Created Scanner child id=175 pid=21,887 engine=5400.1158, dats=6985.0000