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    EEPC v6.2.1 vs v6.1.3

      I have drives encrypted with Endpoint Encryption v6.1.3.


      I had a boot stick i made which runs off of WinPE3 x86 and i was using EETech files which were for version 6.1.0. Everything was fine, decrypting and unlockin drives worked.


      I then made a stick that was a WinPE3 X64 source, and i switched to EETech files which were a newer version and also 64bit(EETech64.exe) version 6.2.1. Unlockin still works fine, but when removing encryption asnd checking the drive, youre left with a drive

      that says its full of unnalocated space, and must be converted to a dynamic disk in windows. Is this because of decrypting with a newer version?