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    HIPS 8 Patch 2: sig id 3754, 6015 and 3905 blocking the Word Plugin and Winword.exe


      Is any one having this problem with Signature 3754, 6015 since install the HIPS 8 patch2. We are having this issue on all machine that has this patch, As soon we open the Winword.exe, it crashes. We have installed the word plugins before the patch installation and it was working finie on all of the machine. Word start getting crashes after the patch being installed.

      We have checked the McAfee log and see that plugin and winword.exe being blocked by sig id 3754, 6015 and 3905. When we set the exception, issue get resolved. Is anyone having the solution for this?


      We are having following configuration:

      Windows 7

      Word 2007


      Signature 6015: Suspicious Function Invocation – Target Address Mismatch

      Signature 3754: Illegal Execution in Winword.exe

      Plug in and Winword.exe was being blocked by sig id 3754, 6015 and 3905


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