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    Windows repair virus - possible mutant

      hey all, i have this windows repair virus now, but i seem to have a mutant variety of it. I went through the steps of the liks provided on this forum, (which iclude getting RKill, then performing a malwarebytes scan) and malwarebytes found some problems. i got it to delete them, but upon rebooting, i still get the virus popping up with its 'system repair' window. i also get a message saying the recycling bin is corrupted in the C:/ drive or something along those lines. the major problem i'm having is that i cannot access the internet. i have a router which has a cable attaching that computer to the internet, as well as this one. when i check to see if the virus has checked the 'proxy setting' on internet explorer, it is unchecked, so that can't be the problem. the computer says it cannot even detect that there is internet access available. my brother has called up McAfee as well as Dell, and they cannot seem to help us unless our computer has internet access so they can take over and provide support. Has anyone heard of this issue? Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can proceed? That computer has a lot of data which would be extremely hard to get back, so i don't want to wipe it.

      please, if anyone can help, i need assistance. i am losing my mind and my sanity here. This day has been absoloute hell.