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    Creating Alerts Off of a Query?

      Is it possible to create an automated alert based off of query in ePO?


      I have a query that utilizes the EEGo and EEPC products (both EEPC 5.x and 6.x since we have both in our environment at this time) to look for any machines that do not have either EEPC installed, or some other incompatible encryption products as defined by EEGo. I would like the ability to be alerted on this as the query increases or decreases, but I have not figured out a way to use the Automated Response portion of ePo to do this.


      Short of manually checking the query every day, is there a more efficient way to do this?


      For those interested, the query is as follows in SQL:


      select top 360 count(*) as 'count', [EPOComputerProperties].[OSType], [EPOComputerProperties].[OSType] from [EPOLeafNode] left join [EPOComputerProperties] on [EPOLeafNode].[AutoID] = [EPOComputerProperties].[ParentID] left join [EPOProdPropsView_MCAFEE_EEPC] on [EPOLeafNode].[AutoID] = [EPOProdPropsView_MCAFEE_EEPC].[LeafNodeID] left join [EPOProductPropertyProducts] on [EPOLeafNode].[AutoID] = [EPOProductPropertyProducts].[ParentID] left join [EEGOProductDetection] on [EPOLeafNode].[AutoID] = [EEGOProductDetection].[LeafNodeID] where ( ( [EPOComputerProperties].[IsPortable] = 1 ) and ( [EPOProductPropertyProducts].[Products] not like N'%SBDE%' ) and ( not ( ( [EPOProdPropsView_MCAFEE_EEPC].[verProductMajor] >= 6 ) ) ) and ( [EEGOProductDetection].[Product] is null or ltrim( rtrim( [EEGOProductDetection].[Product] ) ) = '' ) ) group by [EPOComputerProperties].[OSType] order by 'count' desc, [EPOComputerProperties].[OSType] asc