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    McAfee Internet Security 2013 review by Privacy PC

      Dear McAfee Team,


      I represent Privacy PC project dedicated to computer security research and software evaluation. Throughout 2012 we conducted lab tests of security software from the industry’s prevalent categories, and came up with the annual rating thereof.


      We have revieved your product "McAfee Internet Security 2013". You can find review here: http://privacy-pc.com/internet-security-suites-software-review/mcafee-internet-s ecurity-review.html

      Keep up your great work!


      Kind Regards,


      David Balaban

      Editor of Privacy PC


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          Thank you for posting David.  The touch-screen compatible/Windows 8 version (12.x) has been released:




          You must have used 11.x for your review.   I'm not sure that this will be seen by too many McAfee senior staff as these forums are mainly people posting for support reasons and we Moderators then direct them to wherever they need to go if we can't solve their problems.

          Nevertheless it will be read by the public so it isn't wasted.

          Corporate contacts are available here:  http://www.mcafee.com/us/about/contact-us.aspx

          Nice website. ;-)












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