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    Mcafee stuck at 0% on scan... I suspect malware, what to do?

      About a week ago I got the 'Metropolitan police virus'. I installed malwarebytes and trojan killer and ran scans with them. They both found infected files and the pop-up I would normally get had stopped appearing.

      However after it had appeared to be cleaned from the system, I found my computer to be running slowly and programs would be constantly crashing. Suspecting there were still some infected files on my computer I

      downloaded stinger, which turned up nothing. My computer only got worse though, I soon found I can't access the internet or do anything with my computer without it crashing and needing restarting after a couple of minutes. A friend of mine gave me the files needed to install avast! free anti-virus scanner. Upon scanning with it, it found 2 more infected files but my computer is still running very slowly and constantly crashing. I found i cannot scan with Mcafee either as the scan process never gets past 0%. Even in safe mode when Mcafee tries to scan an error message pops up telling me to try again.


      I suspect the cause of this may be some infected files that I have not managed to clear from my system. Is there any way I can fix these problems/ remove the malware, whichever it may be.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      p.s. I am using windows 7 if this affects the situation in any way.