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    EEPC 6.1.3 - users removed from preboot. "Error EE050002: Unknown User."


      We had 5 systems this morning where users were unable to login at the EEPC preboot screen.  All of the users have been logging into these systems for several months and were shown in the MfeEpe log as being added to the userlib at some point months ago.  All of the users that experienced the issue were added to the preboot by the ALDU option in the policy.  Although they could not login anyone added to the machine as a group user within ePO was able to successfully login at preboot.  Our work around was to get one ofthe group users to login and sync the system with ePO.  Once the system was able to sync with ePO all of the local domain users were added back to the preboot and the log showed the userlib adding them successfully.  The log never indicates it removed them. InePO when I looked at the Encryption Users assigned to the machine before syncing the laptop all users had been removed except for those added in the group users section.


      Weare running EEPC 6.1.3 with the hotfix and ePO 4.6 patch 1.  Anyone else experienced anything like this?