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    MWG Bypass for some sites

    Evandro Rodrigues

      Hello All! Hope you´re fine.


      Is it possible to do a configuration in MWG to bypass some sites/url´s?

      I mean, lets suppose that the user wants to open the intranet, so at browser he goes to http://intranet.com.br or I´d like to know if its possible to completely bypass these address in MWG, i mean, no rules, no configuration, no checks, no dns..absolutelly nothing, just bypass, like a browser exception.




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          Yes, Evandro. It is possible and quit easy as well, please see below.



          MWGWhite list.jpg


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            Evandro Rodrigues

            Hi @alex ....


            Your answer was very helpful and i´ll keep this procedure, but what i need is a little different. It´s not a kind of exception (Whitelist) but it´s something like this:


            If i request www.google.com, then the way is this: internet => router => firewall => MWG => workstation


            if i request www.xyzcom, the the way is this: internet => router => firewall => workstation.


            Can you see the difference?? its like to completelly bypass de MWG and not only the ruleset.



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              If you're configured with a proxy setting in the browser, you would want to add intranet.com.br and to the section in the browser settings that is labeled Do not proxy for these domains.


              If  you're configured so that the traffic is going to MWG without a specified proxy, you would need to make routing modifications so that traffic never reached MWG.

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                From these request, I assume that you have configured MWG as an "Explicit Proxy"? if yes, in this mode you direct your web traffic putting MWG ip and port in client browser, its a non-transparent mode.


                So simply change settings in client browser.(Proxy settings)

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                  Evandro Rodrigues

                  Yes, it´s "Explicit Proxy".


                  This scenario is about 10.000 workstations. I´d like to know if it was possible through the MWG because it would be easier and more guaranted.

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                    Throug MWG is easiest and guranted way is to white list any url and  it should be clear that the cleanest/easiest way to create domain based whitelist entries is through the use of the "URL.Host.BelongsToDomains" property. I hope this helps clarify use cases for the various URL related properties, perhaps it will help with understanding other properties as well.

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                      Jon Scholten

                      Hi Evandro and all,


                      If a request is made to the Web Gateway via direct proxy, the Web Gateway MUST perform a DNS query to find out where the client is attempting to go. If you think about it, client does not inform the Web Gateway the IP of the requested URL. It simply says "Get me www.internal.local". It does NOT say "Get me www.internal.local, which resides at and my name is Joe".


                      If you are having problems with the Web Gateway resolving internal URLs I would suggest either adding a search domain to the resolv.conf, or adding individual entries to the hosts file (both can be found under Configuration > File Editor).


                      If you simply want to ensure the request is allowed you can easily add entries to the Global Whitelist. Alex has already referenced my guide on how to correctly add whitelist/blacklist entries: https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-4514


                      Alternativley you can create rules based on the URL.Destination.IP, to not filter it (URL.Destination.IP is in range stop cycle).


                      Let me know if this helps.