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    AntiTheft Causes BSOD

      I have been trying to have either McAfee or Intel Support answer this for almost 2 weeks, hoping someone here can help me. I use an AV suite from another company which works fine with every other piece of software; as soon as I installed Intel AntiTheft I started getting BSOD's accessing files in a Groove workspace. The solution is to disable AntiTheft. I want to continue using AntiTheft but am losing faith it can coexist with my other software. I am hoping someone can help me get AntiTheft working properly. The Groove workspace lives on my boot disk which is an mSATA SSD. Accessing other files appears not to cause a BSOD. Windows 7 64 SP1 with TrueCrypt.

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          Peter M

          Perhaps Truecrypt is reacting with the AT?  Only McAfee Technical Support would know and I realise you've already been there, but if you escalate this it should get fixed.

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            Hi Peter, I will try again. Assuming I had to uninstall AntiThfeft, what is the best way to ensure everything goes back to its original state. I am particularly thinking about the chip being properly deactivated.

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              Peter M

              I don't use it so not too sure.  It's in the FAQ's but I need to know what version you have.  Can you check 'About' please?

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                Peter, Version 2.0 Build number is empty

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                  Hi Ismat,


                  Could you please tell me what is the security software you use on your machine along with Anti theft. Also confirm that did you check the issue by removing the security software (this is just to check the issue)

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                    Hi Karthik, I use KIS and have for many years; just like TrueCrypt. I did not uninstall and try that way as for me KIS and TrueCrypt are key components of how I deploy all my home systems.Removing AntiThreft is an option, an option I want to exercise as soon as I am sure how to do it safely.

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                      Hi Ismat,


                      Thanks for the response, I partially accept your statement because removing Anti Theft is not the only option we have in this case. There might be some conflictions between KIS and Antitheft which can also cause these kind of issues. If you are able to reinstall the KIS, I can suggest you to check the issue by removing the KIS.


                      If you are ready to do the KIS removal first remove the KIS and check the issue, if issue persists then uninstall and reinstall Anti theft then check the issue. Please do this, so that I can proceed this issue with the concern team for further  workaround.

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                        Karthik, I did as requested. BSOD happened after removing KIS, so uninstalled and reinstalled AT. Reboots at each step. Now AT says File Encryption is not enabled; Location tracking is not enabled and Management Consol link no longer works. The McAfee AT site does not show my PC. I put KIS back and BSOD has gone, however it seems AT has now stopped functioning. I am not interested in the encryption feature and it seems I am forced to have it, when it works.

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                          Karthik, is there any feedback on this issue? Aftr re-installing yesterday, AT is again working. How can I help you debug the changing behavior I am seeing?

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