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    Sites added to "url whitelist" under the url filtering rule set are getting blocked.


      I have a Web Gateway Appliance running 7.3.  The ruleset order i have is as follows:  Global Whitelist-->Global Block-->SSL Scanner-->Site Review-->Try-Auth-->Authorized Override-->Coaching-->URL Filtering-->Common Rules-->Media Type filtering-->Gateway Anti-Malware. 


      I am a rooking at managing this software.  Basically, the top rule in the url filtering ruleset is to allow websites added to the url whitelist and then stop the ruleset.  However, if I add a url to the url whitelist and save the change, when I attempt to access the site I am presented with the "site review" url blocked page. 


      The only way I can get to the blocked site is to add it to the global whitelist. 


      Any ideas to get this functioning correctly?


      A couple of screen shots are attached showing the ruleset order and such.