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    Auto reboot issue


      Seen discussions dating back 10 (YES TEN years) to not do an auto restart


      I joined just today, for the sole reason to be able to express myself on this issue


      I was in a remote session maintaining an SQL data base, when POOF, my computer did a RESTART on me. Completely unacceptable. I now may have to find a backup to restore tables.


      This is NOT and ACCEPTABLE behavior for any program.


      It is MY computer.


      Considering the length that this has been an issue, it is clear that the only solution is to remove all aspects of McAfee presence on my computer and find another solution


      Thanks a lot

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          This issue, which certainly is not supposed to happen, has been hard to pin down as it seemed to only affect certain setups but a fix is due for release very soon.   None of us Mods or our immediate support contacts could reproduce this yet the developers found possible causes from cases reported to them by customers.

          Sorry you've been so inconvenienced.