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    On-Access Question


      So, I was reading the best practices for VSE 8.8 and have some quick questions.


      1.)  On low risk, what are the recommendations for Scan Items?

      2.)  Exclusions in the default processes, are they still enforced?  Or do I need to put them in either Low-risk or High-Risk?

      3.)  Are there any High-Risk executables that this wonderful community suggests or uses themselves?


      Thank you for your help.

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          Low Risk Processes are those which you think has less risk to produce or interduce threats, although putting them in low risk will only say Filter driver to keep less watch on them.It increases performance.


          Yes, exclusions in Default processes will be inforced according to LOw or High Risk Process Policy.Yes, Put them in default exclusion and further if you want that these exclusions must be taken care of with Low or High Risk then you must configure them with Low and High as well.


          High Risk Executibles: ??Wait for anyone else who could shed more light on 3rd query.