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    Unknown address error 556 - Cannot accept message from this email address



      We have an cloud-based app that sends emails to us and our customers. For example puposes, the address being used to send is john.doe@myrealdomain.com


      From the logs it appears that when sending to external recipients from this app (ie: to hotmail.com, gmail.com, etc), the mail is delivered successfully. When the app trys to send an email to us (ie: rob.smith@myrealdomain.com), it appears that ironmail is rejecting the email with the above message (Unknown address error 556-Cannot accept message from this email address)


      I'm assuming it is because the ironmail sees that it is trying to send using a domain that it is configured to protect and the source IP address does not match any of the configured IPs on its list?


      Which setting should I look at to address this? IP Whitelisting, IP Relay or some other setting?