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    EEPCv7: Offline Activation




      I had already confirmed that offline PC can be activated by Offline Activation.


      I have a question about the case that location of activated PC is changed to ONLINE from offline.


      In Offline Activation, you know, we need the user configuration file(UserList.txt) for assign user.

      After offline acticvation completes, when the activated PC can do ASCI sync to ePO with online, the new system is generated into a sub-group of ePO system tree.

      At that time, if nothing of EEPC user is assigned to the sub-group, it was my guess that EEPC user of UserList.txt would be removed from the client PC.


      However, I can still logon with the EEPC user of UserList.txt.


      The EEPC user that is added by UserList.txt has never removed, right?