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    Planning to move an internal EEPC-encrypted system drive into a Thinkpad´s Ultrabay - are there problems to expect? Can you help with alternatives?



      Hi guys,


      I´m a complete newbie regarding EEPC and I have following question for you:


      I´d like to remove the encrypted system drive from a Thinkpad T420 and put it into it´s Ultrabay instead.

      Are there problems to expect?


      The context is as follows: I just started working as an intern in the IT-department of a company. I received the T420 and I´m allowed to take it home with me for personal use . As I don´t have the money to buy my own machine, I tried to put a SSD with my private Windows 7 into the Ultrabay and boot from it, what worked just fine. But when I restarted the Notebook the next day, booting to the company-installed and encrypted internal Windows 7 HDD, I got a blue screen and after restarting it, it froze right after logging into the McAfee Endpoint Encryption window. So I had to re-install the whole machine.

      The guy responsible for the whole EEPC-System explained to me, that EEPC must have tried to encrypt the Ultrabay´s SSD and it had to fail this way.


      Now I´d like to get myself a second Ultrabay, so I can swap between the encrypted HDD and my private Windows 7-SSD.


      Is it going to work out fine, or am I going to crash the installation again?


      Alternatively, would using an Ubuntu-USB-Drive cause any problems?


      I really appreciate your input, as I won´t be able to get myself an own Notebook at least for the rest of the year.


      So thank you very much for your support!