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    Potential Website Builder clash with SiteAdvisor




      I have been trying to obtain a rating for my website (www.kcrnexus.org) for over a year now.  I started by submitting through my McAfee account, only to be told it could not be done due to the fact that McAfee was receiving a 200- or 300- range message instead of a 404 response (I checked with Go Daddy, which sold website tonight, and told that it was unavoidable outcome.  A genuine 404 page is not an option -  merely one that says "404 Error" - in short, I could not set up the necessary arrangement for McAfee to recognize ownership).  I am now using their Website Builder product, which replaced website tonight - however, the design structure is the same, so I expect the same problem.


      I've also submitted the site via the standard, non-account manner numerous times over the past year.


      I was also upset to discover, after a year, that my account no longer existed, and that I needed to establish a new one.


      So, in short, I'm trying to figure out:


      1)  How to insert the code a way that will work with Website Builder and allow it to be recognized.


      2)  Discover another way for the website to be rated.  I understand that there are numberous websites on the Internet, but I think a year would be enough time to receive a rating.


      Wishing you all a healthy day,



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