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    What build number is EEFF 4.0.1 Hotfix 820173

      McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders EEFF 4.0 Patch 1  is Build 4.0.1. 332. I'm seeing some version and I can't find any reference to that build number AT ALL. I also can't find any reference to the build number for 4.0.1 Hotfix 820173 (Hey, McAfee, how about not keeping this information secret, I'm wasting time here).


      There are installation limits here so the easy test of just installing this HF on a system & seeing what is the build number is not an option for me. Frankly, I should be able to find this info quickly & easily without having to test anything. It's a build number. I am very frustrated to waste this time.


      If anyone has installed this or ferreted out the build number I would appreciate the info. Thank you!