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    Bad performance with move 2.6


      We have bad performance, that means slow login and slow virtual machines.


      The installation is agentless (only the VMware tools), on each of our 6 ESX servers (vSphere 5.1, ESXi 5.1, vShield 5.1.2) is a move appliance 2.6 with local storage, 4GB RAM and two CPUs.

      Totally there are 304 virtual machines (a part is standby or suspend) in the cluster, we use them for VMware view 5.1.2. They have the newest VMware tools and VMware view client installed the VM version is "vmx-09".

      The OS of the virtual machines ist "Windows XP" and "Windows 7", the performance issues are in both OS the same.


      Active scans are disabled, if we shutdown the move appliance the performance is perfect.

      Before we had a local installation of Mcafee Virusscan 8.8 without performance problems.


      Does someone have the same problems or an idea what we can do for better performance?




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