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    Migrate client to new EPO server

      I have clients connected to an EPO 4.0 server in a domain.

      I have a new EPO 4.6 server in another domain.

      Now I want to migrate the clients connected to the EPO 4.0 server to the EPO 4.6 server.


      What is the best approach ?


      Just by distributing the new EPO 4.6 agent to my clients ? Will it then automaticall connect to my new environment ?

      Or better to remove the old stuff first ?


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          Can't remember if you can register ePO 4.0 with an ePO 4.6 server


          Your easiest option is to just distribute the agent from the new server.


          The only issues i can think of

          - make sure you have all the management and reporting extensions checked into the new server for software that were previously managed on the old server

          - make sure any special custom policies are replicated on the new server, else the clients will reset to the default polices on the new server.