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    Super Agents


      Hi Guys,


      I have a problem with one of my Super Agents in that it does not appear when i browse Menu --> Software --> Distributed Repositories. All other SA appear correctly. This is causing problems because I am not able to select ths superagent when I setup polices.


      The question I have is when should they appear in Distributed Repositories, so that we can select them as SA's when applying policies.


      Any information would be helpful



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          You have to configure a policy in the system tree-->  assigned policies --> McAfee Agent --> General --> fist tab General --> and select



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            Thanks very much for the reply.


            That is exactly what i was doing - but it took almost 24hrs to actually show it as a Super Agent. Thanks again.

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              I have found that a full ASCI needs to take place before things show up.

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                Hi Herb,


                Thanks for the comment....what is a full ASCI?

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                  I´m having the same problem... The path for the repository has been created but the computer doesn´t appear in the superagent repository list. More than 24 hours waiting now and nothing. Send wake-up agent, full props, etc, but nothing.

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                    Start a server task "repository servers replication"  and the repository list

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                      I am just replying HerbSmith Question here.




                      ASCI or Agent to server communication Interval, Default time is 60m and can be cahnged from ePo, This communication takes place over SPIPe protocol withen HTTP over port 443.

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                        Hi Nielsb, but If the "new" repository does not appear in the repository list ( even the SA path has been created on the client ) how can I replicate the content to it?

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                          Can you check the agent log on the affected machine - is it able to communicate with ePO?

                          When enabling an SA repository, it's a closed-loop process - the policy has to be received and applied by the client machine, and the client then has to report back to epo (as part of its properties) that it is now a superagent and is ready to be a repository. It sounds like the second step is failing, meaning ePO never thinks that the machine is an SA.


                          HTH -



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