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    Chrome horribly slow after installing AntiVirus Plus


      The last item on my to-do list today was to finally purchase a McAfee subscription for my laptop.  I had one a few years ago on a Dell desktop and was perfectly happy with it so figured I'd stick with what I know.  Immediately after installing, I found that internet browsing on Chrome was virtually impossible -- pages took forever to load and frequently timed out.  I searched for a solution, and found a thread on this site.  So I followed the directions and tried  turning off Net Guard.  Nothing.  In the firewall settings, Chrome is listed as having full access so I don't think that's the problem.  Then I found the long work-around solution that involved checking (and eventually removing) the certificate for Chrome.  I followed all those directions (with my heart in my throat after reading the warning about deleting certificates), and after restarting Chrome I found that I now had the correct certificate.  Only it still doesn't work.


      Internet Explorer works just fine, except that I HATE Explorer.  There's a reason I use Chrome and I really dislike being stuck using a program I've purposely avoided for years.


      So what the heck is up?  It really shouldn't be this hard.