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      When my computer is shutting down I get a box that says "sunkist.notifyicondata.hWnd".  I have tried to find how to remove this as I think it is spyware/malware.  I can't find out much about it.  I ran a free Kaspersky scan which found "HEUR: Trojan.Win32.KillFiles" but not anything named sunkist.  I am running McAfee Internet Security.  My computer runs incredibly slow all the time, almost to the point that it is unusable.  I have no idea what to do or buy to remove any problems I have, if indeed I am infected.  Any suggestions?  Thanks so much!

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          This sunkist.notifyicondata.hWnd has been around for some time from what I gather from a Google Search.


          Look in the last link in my signature below.


          1. Try System Restore as suggested there.


          2. Download and run Stinger and Malwarebytes Free, also linked there.


          3. If all else fails then try either Hijackthis or DDS and post the logs as instructed nearer the end of that link.


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            Thanks so much for your help!  I ran McAfee RootkitRemover and Stinger as you suggested, and my computer is working better/faster than it has for a very, very long time.  Not sure if that malware is gone, but something was definitely fixed. 

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              That's good.  If you want to be sure follow the instructions in #3 and post the logs on a specialist site.  They will analyse them and advise you on the state of your machine.