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    How do I get a license key


      I have download an evaluation copy ePolicy Orchestrator. Is this a limited version? Some of the functions display evaluation mode, does that limit what I can do with it? What I would like to do is set it up on a private network with a Windows 2008 Server and Solaris machines as clients. Thanks.

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          Hi brownwrap,

          First thing you need to do is purchase one of the McAfee suites, which contain ePO. With the purchase comes a Grant Number via email.


          Next login here:


          Use the Grant Number (Download My Products) and press Go


          Something like this should be returned


          My Product

          License Keys


          ePolicy Orchestrator : xnnxx-nxxxx-xxxnx-xxxnx-xxxxx


          Your number will be different.


          This is the number you need to use within ePO to take it from evaluation to production mode.


          Good luck,

          Ron Metzger

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            Sorry, maybe I didn't make myself clear. I downloaded the eval to evauted it. I want a key for the evaluation period, so I can evaulate the product. I downloaded Server 2008 to do just that. We have a live system at work, I want to try things, break them, fix them, etc.

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              Patt Thomasson

              You do not need a license key to evaluate ePO; license keys are only provided for purchased products. You have 90 days to evaluate ePO before the evaluation period expires, and it is fully functional during that time. As Ron mentioned to you, if you purchase the product, you receive a license key and the product becomes licensed (with no expiration).


              In addition to ePO you will need point products to manage (e.g., VirusScan Enterprise). Once you have ePO installed, and are running in Evaluation mode, you can use the Software Manager feature to install evaluation versions of a number of point products. It's possible  that some of the point products have limited functionality during the evaluation period and that should be conveyed in the documentation.

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                OK, thank you. I guess I was confused about the message after I installed ePO. We have a fully funtional system at work, but but I don't understand how it operates, and I am only allowed to monitor it.