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    Registry Power Cleaner


      Mit welchem Programm muss man den Download des Registry Power Cleaner's öffnen?

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          Was ist die Erweiterung der Download-Datei?


          Sie kaufte es und erhielten einen Download-Link?


          entschuldigen google

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            I bought the product and could download the file RPC2010-FI. If I want to open the file I get the question with which program I want to open it.


            Many thanks for your help

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              Registry Power Cleaner is not something I would recommend to anyone as a registry cleaner or optimizer will be guaranteed to cause problems with McAfee software and your system eventually unless you know exactly what you are deleting when using them, which most people do not.  It's a Winferno product and is only carried on McAfee's product page through a sales agreement with Winferno, because they sell McAfee products on their pages too.


              Any questions regarding their products should be directed to them: Winferno Support.




              Google Translation:


              Registry Power Cleaner ist nicht etwas, das ich jedem empfehlen würde, wie ein Registry Cleaner oder Optimierer garantiert Probleme mit McAfee-Software und Ihr System schließlich dazu führen, es sei denn, Ihnen genau, was Sie löschen wissen, wann sie zu benutzen, was die meisten Menschen nicht. Es ist ein Winferno Produkt und wird nur auf McAfee Produkt-Seite durch eine Vertriebsvereinbarung mit Winferno durchgeführt, weil sie McAfee-Produkte verkaufen auf ihren Seiten zu.


              Fragen in Bezug auf ihre Produkte sollten an sie gerichtet werden:   Winferno Support.










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                I downloaded the Program and it was RPC2013_TI.exe a later version than your bought 1 and definitely an exe file.. Use the chat or email support link Peter gave you and you really should get an upgrade to the latest version i would think.


                Second Peter's comments re cleaners they are known to remove the wrong files sometimes.


                Google reads above as


                Ich habe die Program und es war RPC2013_TI.exe eine neuere Version als Ihre 1 gekauft und auf jeden Fall eine exe-Datei .. Verwenden Sie den Chat oder E-Mail support-Link Peter gab und du solltest wirklich ein Upgrade auf die neueste Version, ich würde denken, zu bekommen.

                Zweitens Kommentare von Peter wieder Reiniger sie bekannt, die falschen Dateien manchmal zu entfernen.


                on 09/02/13 9:16:32 EST AM
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                  Many thanks for your help! The problem was the missing ending .exe

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                    Hey Ex_Brit


                    I dont really get your answer to Reicheda.


                    Are you claiming :


                    1 ) McAfee are selling a 3rd party product like a Registry Cleaner ONLY because they sell McAfee Software
                    2) McAfee, through you, dont support Registry Cleaners
                    3) McAfee are fully aware that a Registry Cleaner they are selling, has a high risk of making problems not only for the McAfee product but also on the users machine ?


                    Seriously ?

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                      ex_brit is not a McAfee employee - he's a volunteer who spends his time freely helping the McAfee community - he doesn't sell anything (here, anyway).


                      1. McAfee don't sell WinFerno software - WinFerno do.

                      2. McAfee does not support WinFerno software anywhere AFAIK.

                      3. What problems are you referring to? This user's problem was because when they downloaded it, the .exe was missed off the file name - no problems for their machine at all specifically for them?


                      It's a good warning though - in the hands of innocent users, registery cleaners can be very dangerous. In the hands of educated users though they can be very useful.

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                        McAfee has a reciprocal agreement with Winferno.  Winferno sells McAfee products on their website and McAfee sells Winferno products, such as this one, on theirs.


                        I personally don't recommend any kind of registry cleaner, however who am I to argue with McAfee marketing department?    I am merely stating what I feel from personal experience and from what knowledge I gained when I was an MVP for Microsoft and over the years on these forums and elsewhere.


                        So it was my opinion only regarding the merits of registry cleaners, not McAfee's.  I am not a paid employee so am still allowed some leeway when I post opinions.


                        McAfee software in fact has a light version of a registry cleaner already built in to their software packages in the shape of Quickclean and Shredder, so the technology is already here.


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