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    Total Protection 12.1 Is Total Garbage!


      I used to like the McAfee security suite, after this update to Total Protection 12.1 came along, I have had nothing but problems. I WILL NOT be renewing my McAfee subscription for the first time in 12 years! Yes, it's that bad. What's up with this so called "Vulnerability Scanner"? Who the heck had the idea for this? A program that scans Windows and other programs, then finds out whether they are running the latest version? NO THANKS! This is highly invasive to me. I prefer to run what I want, how I want, when I want on the computer that I built. I do not need some intrusive piece of S&^$ trying to tell me what I need to update. Not only that, after the "Update" to this junk, the Realtime Scanning wouldn't turn on, it was stuck in a loop. So I was getting a constant error that my computer wasn't protected, Then when I tried to run MVT (McAfee Virtual Technition) to fix the issue, I found out that that would NOT WORK with this new version of Total Protection. I wound up spending an hour,or more, of my time unistalling McAfee and re-downloading it and reinstalling, then entgering all mny settings all over again. All of this because I was pushed an "Update" that I did not want and did not ask for. This version 12.1 has managed to bring my system to a crwal a times. It takes forever to boot up now, forever and a day to load a web browser after boot and longer to go to sleep mode or shut down. I wish I could just Rollback to the previous version of Total Protection and use that, but NO, they will just push this stupid update all over again. Save yourself the time and hastle, DO NOT install this! Find a different secuity suite. This is all IMHO and a result of my own experiences with this product. If it runs fine for you, congratulations but I'm willing to bet most adavnced users find this utterly disgusting.

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          Sorry you feel that way and good luck in your endeavours elsewhere.


          Occasionaly upgrades don't go well, that goes for any software.   The answer is to uninstall, cleanup , reboot and reinstall.


          As far as the Vulnerability Scanner goes, that is purely voluntary and can be turned off if you don't want to be reminded to install updates for insecure components but security software is there to keep you secure.


          Also you could have phoned Technical Support free of charge (available 6am - 6pm Pacific) or used their online chat, also free of charge 24/7.


          But that's all water under the bridge if you are going elsewhere.





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            Ok, you may want to read my post again. I did uninstall, cleanup and reinstall, that's part of the issue I had with the "update'. Secondly, I did an online chat with technical support and was informed by them that there is NO way to turn the Vulnerability scanner off, I have poored over the settings myself and have not found a way to do it either. If you know of a way to turn it off, please let me know. I have literally hundreds of programs on my computer, including many for Java development, in many cases I do not wish to update because of the problems it leads to with the Daisy Chain it sets off with updating everything down the line to be compatible. I also do not always care to run the latest drivers for video and audio on my system and really don't want to be harassed about it. In running a tri-SLI system, finding which driveres work the best often takes time and trail and error, it quite frequently isn't the latest ones that are the best. Do you get the point I am trying to make?  I would be more than happy just to stick with McAfee if I could get rid of the intrusive vulnerability scanner, especially since, like I said I spent an hour or so reinstalling everything because the Realtime Scanning didn't work after the update was pushed to me. Thanks for responding, again, if you know how to turn off the Vulnerability scanner, please tell me.

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              When you uninstalled did you then run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot before installing?


              Open SecurityCenter > PC and Home Network Tools > Vulnerability Scanner > Scheduled Scan Settings,


              Don't you see the highlighted part that I see on mine in the pic below?  (Click to enlarge if necessary)  If not maybe you will with another update soon.




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                Yes, I did run that before reinstalling. In my security center, under Vulnerability Scanner, I have NOTHING below the first box, check it out below. I ran a check for updates before I even posted in this forum, in hopes that that would produce some settings but no such luck. I appreciate your help. I am not a basic user, I have years of experience in IT and system building. Trust me, I would not have submitted the post I did without good reason. Well, I guess I'll wait a bit and see if an update comes along. If not, maybe I'll give it one more reinstall, maybe. Thanks again for the help, at least I know what the setting screen is supposed to look like. It's a little suspicious that the online technical support guy didn't even think to mention that there is supposed to be settings to turn the scanner off. In fact, he told me there was NO way to do it. It enraged me that McAfee would put a feature like this in the software and not give the user an option not to use it. After all, it is a pretty redundant piece of kit. Everybody already has Windows update as well as other updaters from Java, NVidia etc... Thanks again.




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                  I just checked for updates again just for the heck of it. My programs are "Up to Date".  I really don't want to hastle with another reinstall and deal with all my program access permissions and port configurations all over again but I may have to try it. Maybe the MVT will work with this version soon, will see. If that would cure the problem, things would be alot easier.




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                    That's odd.  Can you tell me from 'About' at the bottom of the main UI window the full build number of SecurityCenter and the Affid number please?


                    Then I will ask someone at McAfee about this.

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                      Build 12.1.253, Affid 0 (0?, Now that just doesn't look right. Does it?)

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                        I have Affid 0 too, that's fine.   I'm emailing some people I know, and am hoping they are around on weekends.


                        I have a feeling that you must be on an earlier version of that software and yet to update to it, which will happen eventually but you have the same SecurityCenter version as myself which is weird.

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                          Well, thanks again for all the help. I will check back a little later today to see if there is any news. I really appreciate it, I was pretty upset about having to possibly switch security suits. I have used McAfee just about since it came out, it is what I am used to and what I (normally) like. I hope we can get this cleared up. Thank you.

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