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    Site Advisor - pages slow to close IE8


      McAfee updated to the Win 8 type interface in mid January. Since then with McAfee Side Advisor turned on, IE8 web pages taking about 5-10 seconds to close.  Problem goes away when I turn off Site Advisor.  No other IE issues noted.   Any ideas on how to fix this?  


      Dell Vostro, Intel Core2 Duo, 2GB, WinXP SP3, IE8, McAfee Anti-Virus 16.1, Security Center 12.1


      As an aside, noticed that the “Removable media, Scan files as I use them” is noticeable now in that 500 MB files result in the popup showing the scan.  Changed that to “Ask me if I want to scan the drive when I insert it.”  Yes I know this is now a 5 year old machine, but it is clean, 38 processes running, most of the time – after McAfee does its thing – there is no CPU activity.



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          Is IE set to its default settings?  For instance is Smartscreen filter turned on or is there another add-on that might be overlapping the function of SiteAdvisor?


          Not sure what to suggest other than running the Virtual Technician to see if it fixes anything:  http://mvt.mcafee.com/


          Regarding the other point, is it a problem?   Things change with time and they will suit some people and not others unfortunately.  If there's a problem that MVT can't cure then Technical Support is free to call or use online chat.

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            IE has some customization but Smartscreen is not checked.  I have turned off most of the BHOs with the exception of Shockwave and Adobe.  I am reluctant to click on default because there are so many settings it is difficult to remember what I customized.  One thing I did notice, was that if I cleared the temporary files the problem went away for a short itme. 


            Think I may run Process Explorer to see what is running in the background.  May also download Sbybot or Malware bytes to see what they find.


            Re. the Scan Removable Media - Not a problem.  Since flash drives are a good way to transmit viruses (ask my employer), forcing the scan is a good way to prevent problems.  Dealing with the popup is a good way to remind me that I need to scan if on an unkown computer. 

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              That's interesting.  Something there is creating temporary files constantly.

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                It appears that there was an issue with temporary files.  Even though I periodically click on Tools> Internet Opt>Delete Browsing History (includes Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and Browsing History) there were 6,212 files in my Temporary Internet Files folder.  After deleting them and enabling Site Advisor, restarting IE8, web pages closed normally.


                As far as the quantity of temporary files go, I don’t know what is “normal” but they are piling up fast, 1,270 in a few days.


                Also interesting is that you cannot navigate to that folder using Windows Explorer even though I have Show Hidden Files are enabled.  The only way is through Internet Explorer or a shortcut I added to my desktop.

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                  I rarely clear anything because I have quite a lot of disc space, but it's up to each person as their setups vary.

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                    I believe my Site Advisor (SA) problem is related to Google Toolbar.  I disabled the Google Toolbar Helper and BHO in IE8 options, but that did not help.  SA would work intermittently.  When it was not working IE would take 10 seconds to close.


                    I uninstalled the Google Toolbar in Add/Remove Programs and now it seems to work – at least for the last 2 days.


                    The clue came from my laptop which also runs IE8 and WinXP SP3 (media edition).  It was not experience the SA problem and there were no Google Toolbar add-ons shown.


                    BTW,  SA still, 5/5/2013    


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                      Glad you are managing to troubleshoot the issue.