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    EPO agent 4.6.0 P3 and RSD



      Since the upgrade of our EPO agent from 4.6.0 Patch1 to Patch3 I'm having some issue with the Rogue Sensor.  In Subnet Coverage and getting more and more uncovered one.  Also if I select a subenet it say's "Covered NO" and the sensor information  is "Rogue System Sensor W.X.Y.Z uninstall".  But if I go into the agent log I can see that the RSD policy is being applied.


      Tried to reinstall the RSD component, Remove and reinstall the RSD,  Do a wake up agent (and force the completion of policy), Reinstall the old epo agent from the previous branch...  And everything was working perfectly before the upgrade of the agent.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,