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    Problem with updating branches




      I'm still learning ePO, but weare using version 4.6.2 (waiting for 5 to come out), and i've noticed a difficulty when updating our products.


      Another team within IT managesthe servers on ePO, and i'm responsible for managing the client side of ePO. I can't make changes to servers, so I have to be careful that the work i'm doing doesn't affect the servers. For example if I want to update the current branchfor the McAfee Agent product from version, to I have toensure it doesn't make changes to the servers.


      In our system tree we have different containers for Servers, and client machines. The problem is that if the server and client container both have a task using the current branch toinstall the McAfee Agent, then when I update the current branch it will wipeout the task that have already been created.


      A bit confusing to explainthis, so i'll include screen shot.


      epo task2.PNG




      Prior to upgrading the currentbranch this scheduled task assigned to our field office had a product defined,but after the upgrade was installed the scheduled task looks like this. Theobvious problem is that I can’t update the client machines without affectingscheduled tasks assigned to servers. Anyone else have this problem?


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          This is an issue which we're aware of, and I believe it's addressed in ePO 5. Essentially what's happening is this:

          ePO only allows one version of the agent to be checked into a particular branch of the repository. A deployment task that is set to install the agent is in effect configured to install whichever agent version isin that branch, as opposed to a specific version: however - and here's where the confusion can arise - when the task is configured, it shows you the version of the agent that is in the branch at that time.

          This means in turn that if you check a newer version of the agent into a branch, then any deployment tasks configured to use that branch will see that there is a new version of the agent and upgrade it.


          HTH -



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            Thank you for helping me understand what is happening, and I sure hope it gets fixed in ePO 5!