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    Problems installing Internet Security 2012

      I had a new laptop at christmas with a one month trial of McAfee Internet Security installed.  Part of my purchase package was a one year subscription, and I was given package which contained a sealed disc with it own code.  On the box it said that you can either install from the interned or from the CD.


      I have now been trying to install for over a week.  I don't get any option to install the files from the cd, it automatically goes to the internet.  It runs checks and says that there ie a problem.  when i look to see what is wrong it says to either pay to have any viruses removed - had run a scan which McAfee had said was clear before I tried to install.  I continue, and the screen eventually goes to gathering files.  My internet provider is Virgin, and the connection is quick.  However, after 10 minutes nothing has happened and when i check on the status of my internet connection it confirms that hardly any data has bee passed into or out of my laptop.


      I tried ringing.  but after 30 minutes holding got the message that there were very big queues so why not go through chat on service.mcafee.com.  So I did.  But to get to chat, you first have to go through the technical check.  This identifies 2 problems, that i need to delete temporary internet files (which I had done!) and to clear the DNS cache (also done).  but as these are still showing as errors i can't move onto the chat!


      The box had said that i can install through the cd, so how do i do that?  its not as though once installed i can't connect to the internet and update my files! 


      Please can anyone help?  I'm on Windows 8, but have seen that there are no conflicts between the software and the OS.

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          Peter M

          I suspect it may be because of the existing installation.  Try uninstalling that in the normal way, then run the MCPR cleanup tool listed under Useful Links at the top of this page, reboot and then try your installation.


          If you have such programs installed as Malwarebytes or Superantispyware for instance, uninstall them temporarily in case they block things.


          If the CD doesn't then give you two choices. open it in Windows Explorer, locate setup.exe and right-click "Run as Administrator".

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            Sorry, only just had a chance to look at this.  I've done as you said and run the MCPR tool.  Went into explorer, there isn't a setup.exe file, the only application files are Install, McItInfo, Riskscan, stinger and stinger64.  Tried running install as administrator and it just tried to go through the internet again, not actully doing anything though. 


            If I try to go onto any help scrren is doesn't allow me to go to live chat, only gives me a phone number which is only available when I am at work, away from the computer and unable to make calls!

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              Peter M

              Try using a different browser to get into live chat or phone that number from work and ask them what you can do outside those hours other than chat, maybe they will be able arrange a callbacvk.