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    What is MSS+Identifier?

      When I opened an internet window today, I got a message that the "MSS+Identifier add-on from McAfee is ready for use" and I can disable or enable. I don't know what this is or what it is for and don't want to enable anything unless I am sure it is ok. Can anyone tell me what this is?





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          Not enough information here to make a judgement. Wikipedia (pretty useful with this sort of thing) lists a whole range of possible meanings for the acronym. It could, perhaps, be something to do with mobile services. Or not.



          Is this on a PC or other device at home or at work? And what version of McAfee (Home or Corporate/Enterprise) is this? Are you using a PC, laptop, mobile device or other?


          I haven't seen this before so I'm in the dark. As you might have guessed.

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            I encountered the same pop-up on my compter this morning.  To answer a few of Hayton's questions - it is a home PC so likely a home version of McAfee Security Scan Plus.  A full scan ran yesterday just prior to my ending the day and shutting the computer down.

            Another pop-up I get is along the lines of 'the computer would run faster if I disabled add-ons' but no links to what add-ons I might or might not want...  Any hints about that pop up?



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              The "MSS+" message is nothing to do with Mobile Security (that would have been MMS). I asked about this on the call and the resident tech expert got it in zero seconds flat.


              MSS+ is McAfee Security Scan Plus, a previously-unassuming lightweight little app that is basically a marketing tool for McAfee and tends to get downloaded along with Adobe and/or Java updates if you're not watching the download process carefully. I keep a copy of it on the Desktop, since it does a ten-second quick scan (as opposed to the regular 7-hour full scan ) and it was, until recently, nothing special and had no intention of being special.


              Recently this little app has started getting ambitious, and seems to scan more than it did before. When I ran it a week or so back it tried to insinuate itself into IE (sneakily, I thought, since it didn't ask first if I wanted that). Windows Defender detected that and stopped it, then asked if I wanted to let it continue - I declined, and blocked it.


              I think the message is one I didn't get to see, where Security Scan Plus is requesting permission to run in IE (or perhaps something else is detecting the attempt to insert MSS+ into IE and is querying it). Either way, if you don't specifically want it in your browser, say No.


              That's our best guess, then. If you post a screenshot next time the message comes up, and let us know what the browser is, you'll help to confirm (or not) whether that's a good best guess.


              The second message sounds like a Windows or Internet Explorer message. You'd need to look inside IE to see what Add-ons are there.

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                Found this thread when researching a new issue we seem to be experiencing.


                It seems that this ambitious little tool is causing IE9 to crash when trying to open PDF files. Have others experienced this problem? Disabling the MSS+ Identifier in the add-ons menu fixes the problem.


                Any word on when/if another fix will be available?


                Thanks in advance!

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                  Feb 1, 2014: I have read the original posting and all succeding posts. WHY? Because it showed up today with: "The MSS+Identifier add-on from 'McAfee, Inc.' isd ready for use." 

                  I find the subject information provided by all to be wholly inadequate. If this is truly a McAfee application then I would expect a reasonable reply from them or a knowleable member of the community to provide a "STRAIGHT FOREWARD ANSWER.

                  Who is the originator of the product?

                  What is the purpose of the product?

                  Is this a recommended add-on from McAfee?

                  If so, is it linked to one of their applications?


                  At this point I am questioning its validity. With the current rash of virus, malware and hacker level of activity we must all be super vigilant. An application from a known resource must include a validity statement i.e, This is a McAfee product with all the info for the end user needs to verify its,origin, purpose and recommendations with a hotlink to McAfee for validation,.


                  Somene surely is briefed on the application.l

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                    I personally have never seen this message, and no-one has posted a screenshot of it appearing. If you could provide a screenshot so we can see the context in which it appears then perhaps we might be in a position to say more.


                    If this appears in a browser window then knowing which browser and version it is would also be helpful.

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                      MSS+ is possibly McAfee Security Scan Plus which is an optional download with many products, Adobe Flash or Reader for instance.  It is merely a sales tool and can be uninstalled in the normal manner via Control Panel > Programs.

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                        At first glance, of seeing "MSS+"  I was wondering myself as to what this could be? Due to the fact that , I have never elected to download or install when optionally offered at such times mentioned. Or have I ever felt the need to...Especially when we have MVT and Getsusp to use when desired.


                        I guess the deciding factor in whether or not you recieve any "Prompts-Requests", would be if you (Have) chosen to install. Either intentionally-unintentionally. I might add , I have never seen any Prompts in Internet Explorer 11.


                        Like you said Ex_Brit , Simply go to Control Panel>Programs and uninstall. Problem Solved......


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                          If it is that, it checks security on the PC and makes recommendations accordingly.   It's merely a utility.   Of course it may not be that.


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