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    Is this normal behavior?


      So i'm pretty new to McAfee ePO, and very green with Mac's so I would love some feedback from people with some experience . I have a pretty good feel for how things work on the ePO / Windows side, but the Mac side is confusing me. Just to give you some background this is our Mac setup:


      ePO v4.6.2 / McAfee Security Version 1.1.0 (although it seems we are only using Anti-Malware) / Agent / Anti-Malware Version 9.1.0


      Coming from the windows side of things, a couple things concern me with the Mac side.


      #1 Windows side has the McAfee Agent monitor so you can see exactly what the agent is doing real time, I don't see anything like this on the Mac. In fact it's not that easy to even see that the agent is installed on the Mac.


      #2 Windows you can manually force the agent to communicate with the epo server from the Agent monitor, not sure how you do this on a Mac.


      #3 Are you able to succesfully run a task now? It fails every time for me, but this maybe due to network connectivity issue. It seems the Mac is able to communicate with ePO fine, but ePO isn't able to initiate the connection. In other words the Mac can check in with epo and get new policies, but ePO can't ping or run a task now on the Mac device..


      Sorry for all the questions, this has been a bit of a trial by fire for me as our previous McAfee admin up and left with no notice.