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    Install Files


      This will teach me for not paying attention when updating the ePO Server!!


      I updated VirusScan 8.8.0 with the install files for patch 3 not realising that it was for windows 8 and server 2012


      How can I get the install files back for patch 2?


      Much appreciated!

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          No problem, if you have downloaded this file VSE880LMLRP3.Zip , you are done, because this files have both Patch 2 and 3.


          Although the package includes both Patch 3 and Patch 2, only the appropriate patch is deployed to client systems, depending on the platform.

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            Thanks for replying Alex. I had already uploaded that file to the ePO server and can see patch 2 & patch 3 in the master repository however when I try to run the client deployment task I can only select and not If I try deploying to a Windows 7 device hoping that it detects it needs patch 2 instead of patch 3 it fails with the agent reporting no package received from the server, any ideas?



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              Did you check in the extension?


              Menu - Software - Extensions - VirusScan Enterprise

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                Hi all, I'm having the same problem, I've checked in VSE880LMLRP3.Zip and extensions updates and created Client Tasks but my VSE 8.8 Patch 1 systems are not upgrading to Patch2 on my Windows7 systems and 2008 Servers.

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                  I wanna add important thing here, if you have checked in above mentioned P3 file and experiencing deployment issue, Recheck your MR and Remove VSE p2 file from there. and rerun product update task having selected VSe under "Selected Packages".



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                    Hi Alex, I didn't have VSE8.8 P2 checked into my MR only Patch 1 was installed. I then checked in VSE880LMLRP3.Zip. Repost 3 checks into the MR as 8.8.8 1128. As mentioned it's not deploying VSE 8.8 Patch2 to my 8.8 Patch1 systems.

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                      I was able to successfully install the VSE 8.8 P3 package onto a Windows XP machine. Even though it was listed as in my Task Catalog, it pushed onto my XP client.


                      Keep in mind that if you are patching a system that already has VSE 8.8 P1 installed, you'll want to use the patch and not the full install (the file name is VSE880P3.zip).


                      You'll want to set it up so that the McAfee Agent Policies is configured to patch VSE.


                      I would be careful of checking in the patch into the current branch because sometimes I've had the patch go out even though I don't think I have it configured to (so check it into evaluation).



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                        Could you confirm Size of the file that you are trying to patch, it should be 25.47MB.

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                          Hi Guy's, Alex I'm using ePO 4.6 for deployments not sure what you mean by file size. Tpan, I need VSE880LMLRP3.Zip checked into my ePO server because we have some 2012 Servers waiting for a full install > VSE 8.8 P3 to be deployed to them.

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