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    McAfee installation - SaaS - DAT-file receiving



      I have recently bought a new Sony VAIO which came with a trial version of McAfee.


      The company I work for uses McAfee as well so I removed the trial version of McAfee  via the cleaner program which can be downloaded in the McAfee SaaS agent online.

      After cleaning an restarting the computer I have downloaded the McAfee service from our SaaS agent page, Virus and Spyware and Site Advisor. (we did not download the firewall tool, the people here said no one has it)


      After the installation was complete and the computer was rebooted we tried to launch the service. In the console which can be opened we can only see "SecurityCenter-Communication" and "Site Advisor". There is no Virus and Spyware program to be found.

      So we looked into our online SaaS agent and we saw that the DAT-file does not get updated on my laptop.


      We tried reinstallation of McAfee a couple of times and searched true the hole computer to find hidden files, yet not effective, there is still no option to scan my computer for virusses.


      Is there anyone known with this problem? Is there a solution?


      I would like to add:

      Windows version: Windows 8 64-b

      The company has 40 computers running with the same McAfee which I was installing. Yet its only my computer where it goes wrong.

      There seems to be no support from McAfee there side at all. Every support page I went to does not functionate. The live chat support guy gave me wrong support links towards pages on the McAfee website which did not excist anymore.

      There is no e-mail address to mail your problem towards nor am I able to find any good live support technical issue chat. All the chats they do have is to make a choice on what to buy from them thats all.


      Kind regards.

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          Hi Samsaey,


          Please follow the below steps to fix the issue.


          Step 1:


          Please use the below link to uninstall the product.




          Restart the computer.


          Step 2:


          Please have registry backup and make the below changes


          Rename the "McAfee" key to"McAfee Old" under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\


          Create a new key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ and name it McAfee (gotopermission window and give full permission to the current user)


          Create a new key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ and name it McAfee (goto permissionwindow and give full permission to the current user)


          Restart the computer


          Step 3:


          Please use the Silent installation method for installation.


          1. Open the webpage www.mcafeesaas.comand login with your security center.

          2. Click on utilities on the top

          3. Under the installation tab, select the second option silent installation to download.

          4. Save the vssetup.exe file to your c:drive.

          5. Now click start --> type cmd.exe into the search field.

          6. Then Right-click on cmd.exe andclick “Run as administrator” to open the command prompt.


          Type cd\ (enter)


          6.Copy this command and paste


          VSSETUP.EXE /CK=CompanyKey /P=VFB  


          Where P is the parameter and V is thevirus scan, F the firewall and B the browser protection. If you want to exclude installation of any software you need to omit that parameter from the above command.


          Just wait for 5 minutes McAfee will be automatically get installed in your computer.