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    MOVE AV Agentless Appliance CPU Usage & TimeZone?


      Hi All,

      I've recently setup some MOVE-AV Agentless appliances and have noticed higher than expected CPU usage on all 4 appliances. On MOVE-AV 2.0 I was seeing much lower CPU usage on my single scanning server for the entire infrastructure.


      Running the TOP command from the console shows that the 'mvsvc' process is using alot of CPU time throughout the day.


      I've noticed that the time on the appliances is set to UTC, so i'm wondering if this throws out the on-demand scan times set on the ePO? i.e. I tell it not to scan from 8am-8pm (thinking in my timezone, +10 hours), however its actually treating it as 8am-8pm by the time (UTC) on the appliance...


      Can anybody confirm this? And if so, how can i change the applances timezone settings to +10 ?