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    Mensaje error actualización VSE 8.8


      Al intentar actualizar VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 se ve el siguiente mensaje en el registro:


      No se aplicaron las actualizaciones porque los paquetes no estaban en el repositorio:  VSCANCEU1000, EXTRADAT1000, BOCVSE__1000, SUPERDAT1000, VIRUSCAN8800.


      Se aplico SuperDAT sdat6969 y continua apareciendo el mismo mensaje al actualizar.


      Cual puede ser el problema?



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          This has been moved from Consumer VirusScan to the Business section since this is for VirusScan Enterprise.


          The question is (in English)

          antivirus-assi wrote:


          When trying to update VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 will see the following message in the log:


          No updates were applied because packages were not in repository: VSCANCEU1000, EXTRADAT1000, BOCVSE__1000, SUPERDAT1000, VIRUSCAN8800.


          Sdat6969 SuperDAT was applied and the same message continues to appear to update.


          What can be the problem?



          Can someone answer please?

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            Hi antivirus-assi,


            Are you updating successfully (meaning the version updates daily)? Today's version is 6970 but you could have run this before this version was released which would be 6969 and OK.


            The updates you are looking at: VSCANEU1000, EXTRADAT1000, and BOCVSE_1000 represent: VirusScan Engine Update, ExtraDAT, and Buffer Overflow (I believe) for VirusScan Enterprise. No new Engine files are available today or recently. Also, Extra DAT files are released publicly only during emergencies, and I do not believe that any new entries need to be added to the Buffer Overflow controls. So, the fact that these 'failed' is not a surprise.


            SUPERDAT1000 would be downloaded and applied if updates to VSE have Not taken place over say 30 days (regular updates occurring daily). Sdat6969 SuperDAT was applied. This is good. However, check again over the next few days and see if this SuperDAT is applied each day. It should not happen once you have caught up.


            If you find that the SuperDAT is downloading daily, post back, as something is wrong.


            Otherwise, I would probably ignore these messages, as it simply indicates nothing of significance beyond the norm has been included in the update process.


            I also believe that the update process is configured to handle future updates and managed locally via ePO or other means. The entire update process is set up to handle modifications as needed by network administrators and security response teams. So, the update process is meant to be a foundation for future use, though today, these repositories are not being used.


            Hope this helps.

            Ron Metzger

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              Ron Metzger

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                Thank all for your answers