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    McAfee is snoozing

      Before anyone ask.Yes I did read and try the solutions that are posted in other discussions, but noe of them work.

      Restarting doesn't work, I'm unable to uninstall it, restoring my computer to a time where it did work doesn't work, the McAfee fix it doesn't work.

      Any suggestions?

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          Peter M

          Did you download and run the MCPR cleanup tool and try that after the usual Control Panel method failed?


          If that failed then I would call Technical Support or use their online chat - it's free and available via Useful Links at the top of this page because the only other way of removing McAfee is to go through a really long and involved registry cleanup.


          By the way I'm assuming it's the normal consumer products that you are talking about as you give absolutely no details.


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            Sorry for the trouble you’re facing the McAfee, could Please confirm the following details to offer you further workaround.


            What is the computer's operating system?

            What is the Version of Mcafee security center version?
            How is your computer connected to internet (Dsl, cable)?
            Do you have any other antivirus software installed on the computer?

            Did you make any recent changes for the computer?

            What is the Error message while uninstalling McAfee product?


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              I hate to break it to you but none of the solutions you stated work. I even had Dell and McAfee tech support representatives trying to fix the problem with "GoToAssist" where they can view my screen and control my mouse and keyboard. We uninstalled and reinstalled, uninstalled and deleted all traces of McAfee then reinstalled it , we also tried McAfee fix it and it didn't work either. The only thing that the steps that I listed did was turn on McAfee because before we did any of those things McAfee was "snoozing"."

              I what I said as a reply to a different discussion.

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                Peter M

                Kirag unless you answer the questions we ask, there is nothing we can do for you here.  That last post of yours makes no sense.


                You assume we are clairvoyant.

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                  I did download and run the MCPR cleanup tool and it didn't work. I contacted  Technical Support and used online chat we tried the registry cleanup, but hat didn't fix the problem.

                  I have a Windows 7 OS, I don't know the version of McAfee security center that I have my laptop came with it installed, I have a wireless connection,I do not have another antivirus software,recent change to my computer would be:creating a backup disk,windows update,and my computer turned off. I did not receive an error message.

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                    Peter M

                    The trouble is from your posts I really don't know what the problem is.   "Snoozing" - doesn't make sense, can you clarify what you mean please.


                    Double-click your taskbar McAfee icon and then click About ort Navigation > About (depends on version) then post what it says for SecurityCenter


                    Right-click Computer on your dekstop or in your Start Menu and go to Properties - does that say Windows 7 Service Pack 1?


                    As McAfee relies heavily on Internet Explorer - make sure you have IE9 installed and that it is set to its default settings.


                    Don't use registry cleaners without professional help as they will surely destroy your machine eventually.





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                      I have EI9 and I have Windows 7 Servies pack 1. The McAfee icon in my taskbar doesn't work/ won't work. I can not access McAfee at all, but when I open the file location it says version 11.6.434.0 does that help?

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                        Peter M

                        OK thanks.  Sounds OK version-wise but I wonder what is stopping that software from opening.


                        What happened when you tried uninstalling in the normal way - via Control panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program?


                        What happened when you ran MCPR?


                        I really don't know what to suggest except contact Technical Support again and escalate the case.  They will do that if you ask.





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                          When I tried to uninstall it witht he control pannel it wouldn't load at first it took 5-10 minutes for it to show up. MCPR just removed the files and I restarted and downloaded McAfee again, and it still show up as a blank window.

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