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    Agent Deployment via ePO > to Workstations behind NAT




      I have an issue with a McAfee ePO 4.6 deployment and i can't find a suitable solution.



      My problem is that i have a subnetwork (of a subsidiary that has been recently integrated) on another IP Range, which is not fully NATed.



      So i have the following configuration (let's be very schematic here) :

      - an ePO server in a location (datacenter). Let's say IP =

      - a server  that is on the problematic subnetwork. Let's say his NATed ip =

      - on the subnetwork, the real ip =

      - the subnetwork where there is the  workstations, let's say the workstations' network is :, (workstations have a dynamic IP > ex: wks1 =,, etc.)


      here's an overview of the configuration :



             ePO ---------------- ( NATed server (

      (                                                                            /    |       \

                                                                    ( wks1___/      |         \____ (wks2)






      The distant subnetwork is over WAN, so at first, i didn't want to use Agent Handler.

      Also, i've seen topic where Wakup Agent call is possible, if the NATed server is a SuperAgent, which is totally possible and what i wanted to do.

      But my problem is for Agent management & Agent deloyment.


      My question is :

      How can i deploy agents if workstations are dynamic & not NATed ?

      From my understanding, the first deployment needs a direct connection to the ePO server.

      Nevertheless, is there a way to go through the SuperAgent ? Or is the only solution i have to go through the installation of a Agent Handler on the NATed server ?


      What would you do, guys ?




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