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    CC info

      I learned a valuable lesson today.  I didn't update my CC info so I could renew it manually.  MISTAKE!  They don't need an expiration date.  We don't get paid for 3 more days and they got my grocery money to renew this stuff.  Will take 5 business days to get my money back.  Lovely.

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          Yes auto-renewal is part of the fine print that everyone should read and hardly anyone ever does, I know.   Sorry it had to happen at an awkward time, but I assume you've now turned it off if you are obtaining a refund.  Keep your fingers crossed it processes quicker than that, it has been know to happen.

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            I am getting a refund.  How can they process a credit card without the expiration date though?  That is bothering me more than anything at this point.

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              I really don't know but I would imagine major corporations have ways of checking the expiry dates automatically perhaps through their own banks.