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    ESM - installation in a rack




      could someone tell me, why exactly the screw do not correspond with the screw caps in the rack mounted devices? See the picture below:





      Customer asked me about possibility to stabilize the device's position, but I have no idea how to do that...



      Artur Sadownik

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          Hi Artek,



          I was  in a similar situation as both ELM as well as the ESM appliances have this defect.As a workaround I used the normal cage nut  with the screw cap and luckily it was a proper fit for this.But to do that I had to remove both the appliances from the rack before I could place the cagenut in the rack .




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            Hi Artur,


            Thank you for information. So I know I have to prepare cage nut before hardware installation.

            IMHO, hardware design defect likes this one can not get fixed soon. We might have to wait for a few years...


            Best regards,