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    trustedsource weirdness..


      One of my users reported a blocked website which they needed to access - www.aircreek.com


      Block details: 

      Blocked as categorised as Spam URL:

      URL: http://www.aircreek.com/

      Categories: Spam URLs

      Reputation: 30

      Block Reason: Blocked by URL filtering


      The URL filter database on MWG  is 38099


      So I logged into trustedsource.org and queried the domain.  I was redirected to mcafee/threat-intelligence which reported that:

      Web Category: Spam URLs
      Activation: 2010-06-05
      Last Seen: 2009-02-19


      Ok so far so normal....I then clicked on the dispute link and was taken to a trustedsource.url where I had to login again using the same creds.

      I queried the domain again and was shown that the URL Filter database 38047 shows the domain as uncategorised URL/ reputation unverified.


      So why the difference - are they not using the same database?  Appreciate I probably need to raise it with sites@mcafee.com also but was wondering whether anyone else had experienced this.


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          There are two main DBs -- local (resident) and cloud.


          My URL checker code shows that www.aircreek.com is classified as SPAM URLs in the Cloud DB, but is unknown/unverified in local DB for hostname and IP and cloud DB for IP.


          Also, if you have the option enabled to do a reverse lookup on unclassified URLs, that adds another facet.

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            Thanks for the reply - forgot to specify that this is a resident DB that I did the lookup on.  The difference between the cloud & resident DBs explains this...I did a closer inspection of my rule set and options and discovered that  in my defualt settings I have checked to use online DB (cloud) if local DB yields no results


            This would explain that although I have a rule to allow uncategorised URLS before the block rule, the site was still being blockedas was lokoing at the online DB.

            Thanks for the pointer :-)