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    Security Centre won't open

      Hi, had problems with keeping the firewall and real time scanning on, so under other advice uninstalled then reinstalled mcafee, seemed to solve the problem, then only real time scanning wouldn't stay on, now the whole security centre won't open.


      Am I infected? Also is it wise to stay off internet sites such as banking for now?



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          Peter M

          By wont open, you mean doesn't appear at all?    What is your operating system and service pack and are you totally up to date including the latest version of Internet Explorer (whether or not you use it)? 


          You could be infected, do you have reason to believe you might be?


          Try running Stinger and Malwarebytes Free as listed in the last link in my signature below.


          When you uninstalled and reinstalled did you use the MCPR cleanup tool in b etween?


          If not try it again as per the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Uninstall in normal way.

          Then run MCPR and reboot,

          Reinstall from the online account.

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            Thanks for replying,

            no it doesn't open at all, I also had Mcafee Secuirty Scan which was another application, when trying to open that, only a white screen with 'home, settings, help' in the top right corner.


            I'm not a computer savvy person but i have windows vista (service pack not sure) and IE8 and Google Chrome


            A little background may help, I've had trouble with my laptop this weekend,

            everything was fine until saturday morning when all websites wouldnt work properly, no videos, links wouldnt open etc was down to Flashplayer not working, uninstalled flashplayer and java, reinstalled newer versions, nothing worked, found a suggestion saying IE9 could be interferring so uninstalled IE9, everything was back to normal despite being on the ancient IE8 from when I first got the laptop.

            This was when Mcafee started playing up, both Firewall and Real time scan wouldnt stay on, found suggestions online that it could be a virus,

            uninstalled Mcafee, used the tool and reinstalled, only worked a little while then only real time scan wouldnt stay on,

            even tried a system restore but that failed

            used a different virus scan, that found nothing, and now nothing will open.


            Am I right in thinking that while it won't open this means I am not protected?


            I will try your suggestions and get back to you


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              Peter M

              Right-click "Computer" either on your desktop or in your Start Menu, and go to Properties - that will tell you if you have a service pack.  If it reads anything less than SP2 then you are way out of date.


              Also you should install IE9 from Microsoft's website as those who counsel moving backwards are wrong.   You would have been offered this if you had Windows Update settings on the check for alll updates using Microsoft Updates option (or words to that effect).


              But you can download it directly from the website.


              This issue is cause either by javascript corruption and that FAQ (linked in my signature below...see 'Blank') helps with that, or by the installation of a non-standard Font, and Helvetica is the usual culprit.  Have you installed it or allowed an application to do that?


              McAfee Security Scan Plus is not needed and can be uninstalled through Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program.  It most likely arrived along with your Flash installation as an option that you overlooked.


              If that FAQ doesn't help then contact Technical Support and ask for escalation - it's free by phone or online chat.


              Edit:  Just saw your other question, I would imagine the software is working even though you can't see.


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                Everything is working! (Hopefully will stay that way)


                When I turned my laptop on it had automatically upgraded to IE9, uninstalled Mcafee and the Security Scan Plus, used the clean up tool, rebooted then reinstalled and so good so far.


                Cheers for your help!

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                  Peter M

                  That's great, let's hope it does stay that way .... ;-)