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    Site blocked

      For the love of jesus christ, i want someone to explain to me why forum.xda-developers.com is blocked and ranked as a malicious site, i'm kind of upset about the whole mcafee system, it feels so bureaucratic, could someone please point me in the right direction about where i could find the problem or if it  has been tagged as such for some other reason thats NOT protecting the consumer (AKA me!), i must say that i use a mcafee product that came with my DELL Laptop, so i'm one of their paying customers and i really hope i get an answer soon please!

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          If you feel this is a incorrect detection and from your comment I take it that way email support@siteadvisor.com and point out the issue and why you feel it is incorrect.


          That is the main way to get the detection changed it is possible trusted source has labled it incorrectly and siteadvisor takes their detections from them.


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            Mixed signals.


            The site is Green in SiteAdvisor -



            In TrustedSource the header shows it Red but the main section shows Green. Presumably there was an alert which is now lifted - or an alert which has only just been flagged so SiteAdvisor doesn't know about it yet.

            http://www.mcafee.com/threat-intelligence/domain/default.aspx?domain=forum.xda-d evelopers.com


            See HERE for appeal process.

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              I have come here asking the exact same question!


              I didn't even realise it was the McAfee firewall which was blocking the site, as I thought the forum itself was down, why do I not get a notification from McAfee telling me it's them who have blocked the site, and more importantly why does it not give me the option to ignore the block?


              As this is the official McAfee forum I would like an answer on here please, rather than pointing me to ask elsewhere, there is nothing malicious in the XDA Forum as stated in the two links above.


              Even though I have selected 'Ask me to decide' in the settings I get no indication that it's McAfee blocking the site, how do I add xda to my trusted sites, and how do I change the settings for the next safe site that McAfee decides to block without telling me?


              Thank you

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                It is not the firewall but siteadvisor that was blocking it. It is now green in both trusted source and siteadvisor .


                To add it as trusted in siteadvisor left click to the right of the Mcafee siteadvisor tab on the black down arrow and choose options and  trusted sites and add it.  I would leave it for SA to check in case of future issues though


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