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    McAfee Installation Help, Please?


      I really really need some help on this, so if any one could help, I would be extremely thankful. Thank you in advance!



      I'll try to make this asdetailed aspossible. Also, I have a ASUS Laptop (64 bit). I've had it for a month and the trial of McAfee had ran out.


      Okay, so a few days ago (January 25th to be exact) I bought a one-year subsription for McAfee AntiVirus plus.


      It opened fine and installed until it got to where I needed to restart my computer.


      I restarted my computer, as directed, but McAfee never opened back up.


      I went to where it was stored and manually opened it back up, but all I saw was the completely blank McAfee box for a few minutes.


      Then, a warning box popped up that said "We're having trouble installing your McAfee software. Click OK and wait a  moment whilewe fix the issue. Once, fixed we will automatically continue your installation from where it left off".


      I clicked the OK button.


      Then, the main McAfee box said "We're having trouble installing your McAfee software. Please make sure you have JavaScript installed on your PC, and that it' working correctly. Learn more by visiting the McAfee support website at <Pretend this is the address of the McAffee Support website>"


      I closed it, but it opens back up every few minutes with the same problem unless my computer is restarted.


      I went to the McAfee support website, but it too said my JavaScript was turned off when I went to the Virtual Technician.


      I preformed a JavaScript test. Several, actually. And only one of them confirmed that my JavaScript was working.


      I went to my internet's settings (Internet Explorer 8), and it said that scripting was on. I turned it off, then on and restarted my computer.


      I went  back and retested my JavaScript. It still said it wasn't working, so I looked up the problem onYahoo!Answers. Over half of the solutions were to switch one's preferred browser to FireFox, so I did install the latest version of it.


      After FireFox was installed, I went back and took all the JavaScript tests. My computer passed every one, so I went and tried to install my software again. It still did not work.


      I went back to the McAfee Virtual Technician. It said I needed to download the Virtual Technician, so I did.


      When I opened ot up, a box popped up that said Virtual Technician. It was completely blank besides that.


      It was open about six hours without change before I went to theMcAfee sight and downloaded it again. Still no change. I researched that problem, but nothing relevant came up.


      I went to my McAfee profile, and downloaded my AntiVirus software again. The same problem continues.


      If anyone has a solution, please help me. I have been without great virus protection for three days, and I would really like toget it back on my laptop because I am a poor student who can't afford to have to get my laptop professionally cleaned out or buy another subscrition of virus software. Thanks again!